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Arts of the Koka

The Koka ninja practiced similar arts as their Iga counterparts. The Koka had separated the arts so they could practice solely on what was needed for certain situations. Instead of mixing all the teachings, separating them allowed them to focus, yet they used them together in a lethal combination.

  •     Angou: Signaling
  •     Bajutsu: Horsemanship art
  •     Bojutsu: Staff art
  •     Boryaku: Military strategy
  •     Chimon: Geography
  •     Choho: Espionage
  •     Gokui atemi sakkatsuho zukai: Secret killing strikes art
  •     Goton-no-jutsu: Five elements escape methods
  •     Hensojutsu: Camouflage art
  •     Hichojutsu: Jumping art
  •     Hojojutsu: Rope tying art
  •     Hojutsu: Gunpowder and fire art
  •     Kusarigamajutsu: Kusarigama art
  •     Kyushojutsu: Vital points art
  •     Iaijutsu: Sword drawing art
  •     Intonjutsu: Escaping and concealment art
  •     Jojutsu: Short staff art
  •     Jouhou kaishuu: Information gathering
  •     Karumijutsu: Body lightening art
  •     Kenjutsu: Sword art
  •     Kukushi bukijutsu: Hidden weapons art
  •     Kyuba: Mounted archery
  •     Kyujutsu: Archery art
  •     Naginatajutsu: Naginata art
  •     Shinobi-iri: Stealth and entering methods art
  •     Seishinteki kyoyo: Spiritual refinement
  •     Shurikenjutsu: Throwing weapon art
  •     Sojutsu: Spear art
  •     Suijutsu: Swimming art
  •     Suirenjutsu: Water survival art
  •     Taihenjutsu: Body moving art
  •     Taijutsu: Unarmed combat
  •     Tenmon: Meteorology
  •     Zanshin: Clear mental awareness
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