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About Grand Master Dr. David Furie

Grandmaster David Furie is one of these masters. As a tenth degree Dan, acquiring the highest degree black belt possible, he has been trained in the ancient traditions of fighting. Combined with a long and prestigious career in the Special Forces, Dr. David Furie has used his training and expertise to devise his own unique fighting style and philosophy. By incorporating the knowledge of the self, the environment, and the enemy, Grandmaster Fury can teach you how to be your own master.


Throughout history, the art of fighting has evolved as environments and enemies changed. The great masters learned how to manipulate their surroundings in order to defeat their enemies. The wisest devised their own fighting styles, enriched with their own unique philosophy and perspective. These styles distinguished the grand master from the rest and were developed into fighting systems that were passed down from generation to generation. The disciples of these ancient styles could either continue the legacy or improve upon it, becoming masters themselves.